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  • "Eco Home, Environment Friendly" A worldwide concern

    The world is facing a major environmental degradation, which results in undesirable climate change. We are losing natural beauties, species of birds, animals, crops and so on. DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND is consciously designed as environment friendly and energy efficient. It will present Eco Homes, clean and friendly environment.

  • Digitally Secured Community

    Modern community security system with constant round-the- clock protection will give the inhabitants mental peace. The visitors’ management system will provide a digital data entry system to track visitors on database. 24 hours security surveillance will be available on the premises. Digital security card, LED display at every building and data entry at every gate will be part of the system. So, it will be a highly secured neighborhood.

  • Fire Safety

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND (DSI) is interested to ensure “Fire Safety” in the project. Fire Safety Campaign, Safety Signs and Regulations, adequate water supply confirmation, setting of security alarm, fire extinguisher at each floor and efficient management will be ensured to prevent fire hazards.

  • Confidence on Quality

    One year of post construction warranty after handover of apartments will be ensured, making clients tension free on quality of construction and materials. Not only we will maintain BNBC code in every stage of construction, but also will ensure best practices in construction under the continuous supervision of BUET Engineers.

  • Earthquake Resistant Design

    At DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND (DSI) all the buildings will be designed to withstand Earthquake Intensity of VIII (8.0) in Modified Marcalli Intensity scale.

  • Walk way / Jogging track

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLND will have a jogging track so that people can get a quick jog physical exercise. The environment and pavement will be maintained to ensure a safe and comfortable jogging.

  • Food Court & Catering Services

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will ensure proper dining or an enjoyable evening eating out facility providing a food court. People will be catered with food and beverage home delivery according to their taste and interest through catering service system.

  • Laundry Service

    People of the community will be provided the world class laundry service. A brand shop will handle the whole process so that the community can keep their lives clean. On call, the laundry will collect, clean and return clothes from door to door.

  • Play Ground: Game for All

    The dream island is accommodated with a large playground to ensure the taste of gaming for all ages. Football, Hockey, Cricket and other conventional gaming facility will meet up the necessity of recreation. Annual sports, various celebrations will be observed to make your lives cheerful.

  • Tennis/Basket Ball/ Badminton Court: an art of Sports

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND is adorned with extra gaming facilities, adding Tennis Court and Basket Ball Court in its master plan. This will make the life of the inhabitants more enjoyable, no doubt.

  • Gymnasium & Swimming Pool : A thirst of youth

    The island is glorified to accommodate the world class gymnasium with steam bath and the bluish swimming pool. All the modern and luxurious facilities will be provided for both male and female separately so that people can build a health conscious community.

  • Kids Zone and Day Care Center

    To build up future generation, DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will create a scientific and creative kids' zone. It will be designed to teach the children, all non formal educational entities through games and sports.

  • One Stop Mall : Facility of Services

    A world class one Stop Shopping Mall will enhance the living standard of DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND, having all necessary items of daily life. All the remarkable branded products and services will be available there to meet the demand of the community.

  • Helipad : The Symbol of Urgency

    The project has incorporated the idea of Helipad over the commercial/hospital building. People of the community can use the service for their urgency.

  • Library : The way of wisdom

    To develop a knowledge centric community, a library is planned in the community having books of different corners and different languages. People of all ages can satisfy their thirst of knowledge in the library.

  • Masjid and Prayer Space: The Path to Purity

    A large Masjid is incorporated in the project to mobilize the path of religion. The religious Muslim community will observe their prayers and memorable days there. A prayer space will designated for all other religious community.

  • Educational Zone

    An educational zone is dedicated for school, college, medical college, technical   institute and university.

  • Hospitals: Symbol of Humanity

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND (DSI) will be enriched with a modern hospital facility including well equipped diagnostic and clinical system.

  • Roof Top Garden

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND projects will become a green intensive project. Not only a major percentage of the space will remain for green and gardening, the Rooftops of buildings will also be transformed into an elevated garden, a cozy place to breathe in.

  • “Go Green” an urban lifestyle

    The city dwellers are quest for living areas with green aspects, trees, plants and lakes. DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND allocate about 60% of land as greenery and open space while 40% is used for residential and commercial purpose. Roads, Footpaths are attached with garden way so that an eco-community can breathe clean air both inside and outside all the year round.

  • “Light on Location” A prime Focus

    Dorpan Singapore Island (DSI) is located 0.5 kilometer away from Sector-16 of UTTARA 3rd Phase of RAJUK, 1.0 kilometer away from Ashulia Landing Station, 0.4 kilometer inner side of Mirpur Beriband and 0.5 kilometer south of Sonargaon Janapath and Metro Rail Station. Renowned private Universities/Medical Colleges/Schools are within walking distance from DSI. DSI is free from flood flow zone of RAJUK and it is shown as Urban Resindential Zone in Detail Area Plan (DAP) of RAJUK. DSI is adjacent to existing 30 feet road (proposed 60 feet road in DAP) and proposed 100 feet road in DAP of RAJUK. Commuting from DSI to Airport, Mirpur, Mothijheel, Gabtoli, Ashulia, Savar, DEPZ and Gazipur will be very easy. 

  • Legal Compliance

    The project will be compliant with all legal issues of RAJUK, Civil Aviation, WASA, DESCO, DoE and other concerned authorities. We are always honest to our customers. We strictly adhere to the best business practice and transparent dealing in land purchasing, development and master planning. We are hopeful about the approval of the project from proper authorities and ensure no breach of laws of the land. All the buildings will follow related regulations of RAJUK and BNBC.

  • Central Garbage Management System

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will be a clean residential area. All the garbage will be managed centrally, to be picked up from door to door and properly recycled to avoid environmental hazard and toxic pollution.

  • Wi-Fi Zone

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will provide Wi-Fi zone to make the people connected with technological highway. People will get the connectivity of internet, 3G facilities for their social and commercial purpose.

  • Theatre / Cineplex

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will be a favorite place for the cultural minded     people. It will be equipped with auditorium, theater with projector facility, sound system etc to help and promote healthy cultural activities.

  • Make Over Salon / Beauty Parlour

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will include these civic facilities in the project for better personal care. It will be equipped with spa, steam bath, bridal make over etc for a total refreshment and refurbishment of mind and body.

  • Clubs

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will form separate clubs for male and female. These clubs will provide international standard recreational facilities and act as a hub for social gathering.

  • Reticulated LPG Supply System

    DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will introduce the Reticulated LPG Supply System first time in Bangladesh. Users will get continuous cooking gas through a piping network from a centralized underground storage system. It will also ensure an easy switching to supply of natural gas in case of availability.

  • Underground Cable Network

    All cable network of DORPAN SINGAPORE ISLAND will be underground for safety and aesthetic reason.

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