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Who is the developer / sponsor of DSI project?

DORPAN Properties Limited. For details please visit www.dorpangroup.com

How many size/types of apartments available in this project?

4 (four) types of apartments. These are 1100 SFT, 1300 SFT, 1700 SFT & 2100 SFT.

Hand over time of the project?

We will start hand over from 2019 and complete hand over on 2022.

Is it possible to purchase a duplex apartment?

Though there is no provision of duplex apartments in DSI project, yet we can customize as per your requirement.

In DSI project buildings are how many storied?

All buildings are of 10 storied.

How many units in each floor?

In 1100 SFT , 1300 SFT & 2100 SFT building each floor contains 4 units, 3 units in each floor of 1700 SFT building.

What types of parking facility is?

We have enough cars parking facility. So every apartment owner can purchase 1 car parking space.

How can I cancel the booking?

There are prescribed Forms in our Customer Care Department. So one can collect fill up carefully and back it to Customer Care Department. Never forget to collect received copy.

What will be happened if client want to cancel the booking?

Company will return your full amount of payment calculating 10% yearly profit based simple calculation not compound method.

What will be happened if company abandon the project?

Company will return your total deposited amount calculating 10% yearly profit based simple calculation not compound method.

What will be the extra benefits from buying apartment from DSI project?

Considering the location, the value of apartments will increase geometrically in future.

What is your concern about possible earthquake?

All buildings will be designed as earthquake resistant to withstand an intensity of VIII (8.0) on the Modified Marcalli Intensity Scale.

What is the lucrative feature of your project?

Government of Bangladesh and Japan (JICA) has started to implement MRT 6 line. Metro Rail Depot of this MRT 6 line will be 500 m away from DSI project.From DSI project you can travel downtown of Dhaka within 40 minutes.

Is there any probable disturbance from any corner of government?

We are complying with all the legal issues of RAJUK, BNBC, DESCO, DoE, TITAS, WASA etc. So there should be no objection from any authority.

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